Helping to rase money for charity.

About SearchGiving

  • This is an idea that I'm testing, funds are now being generated, altho until the site is being used more its difficult to set a true value per search. Values are approx and currently set at £0.01 per search.
  • Approx. 80% of site generated income will be shared back out to the charities proportional to the number of valid searches that are recorded although this is dependant upon running costs and taxes that still need to be identified.
  • The definition of valid searches needs to evolve, but currently means only searches from IP addresses that have not performed a search within the last 5 minutes.
  • This site is built using the BOSSv3 API.
  • This site records search terms, ip addresses and timestamps to help combat fraudulent searches. No identifiable information is recorded.
  • No cookies are used unless you login, in which case we will remember you until you logout, by using a cookie and storing it on your device.